Sunday, November 4, 2007

Museum Makeovers in the News!

Last week's opening of the new modern wing at the Prado Museum was big news.

But that's not the only makeover going on in the museum world!

The venerable Hermitage in St. Petersburg will be making a major update to its collections and its permanent exhibitions by including a room dedicated to the Saatchi collection.

Take a sneak peak at what's in store at the new California Academy of Sciences! And in particular at its "green facelift."

Here's more information on five major museum makeovers.

Meanwhile, the aquarium world is also seeing its fair share of changes and updates.

The Florida Aquarium is planning a new tech-oriented exhibit that will allow visitors to upload videos, download podcasts and learn through state-of-the-art digital media.

The New England Aquarium is also planning a new exhibit, one that will use seals and sea lions to help teach kids about childhood fitness. The development of the new exhibit is being funded by a grant from the New Balance Foundation.

And the drought taking hold of the southern states has resulted in the world's largest aquarium having to make water cutbacks in the name of conservation.

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