Monday, November 12, 2007

Go Check out the One Post Challenge at Tactical Philanthropy Now!

Sean Stannard-Stockton over at Tactical Philanthropy is hosting a One Post Challenge for the month of November. The deal is that people can submit (philanthropy-related) blog posts to him and, so long as they are reasonable, the posts will be, well posted. The guest blog post with the most comments at the end of the month will receive a $500 "Good Card," the brand new gift card from Network for Good that allows you to donate to your favorite nonprofit through Network for Good.

This is and of itself is neat and worth sharing with everyone, but the anonymous donor from Don't Tell the Donor just made the One Post Challenge a whole lot more interesting by declaring that

If I win, I will give the $500 to the charity named by the most people in the comments to this post.

Wow! So go over to Tactical Philanthropy now and leave the name of your favorite nonprofit in the comments!

(To be fair, I should probably point out that there have been some other incredibly interesting and valuable posts so far as part of the One Post Challenge, including Trista Harris from New Voices of Philanthropy calling for a complete reinvention of how and where foundations do business--getting program officers out in the communities they actually help--and Rob Johnston explaining why GuideStar would be better if it were more like the IMDb, but neither of these posts could win YOU money for YOUR favorite nonprofit!)

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