Thursday, December 13, 2007

Invitation from the Tech Museum

Nina over at Museum 2.0 has posted an open invitation for people to join her new project at the Tech Museum of Innovation. In her own words:

The Tech Virtual is a project that allows people to conceptualize and prototype exhibits online. The online platform has two parts: a website, where all projects originate, and a Second Life presence ("The Tech" in Second Life), where participants can communicate in real-time, share ideas, and build virtual prototypes. All participation is under a Creative Commons attribution license, which means that all ideas are available for use by anyone with no financial obligation--only an obligation to credit the originators of said ideas.

There is also a prize element: a $5000 prize (eligible through June 2008) will go to any exhibit that the Tech actually decides to develop into a real exhibition on the them of "Art, Film, Music and Technology." Anyone else out there collaborating with people outside their museums to develop exhibits or using social media to brainstorm?

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