Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Welcome to the All-New OG Blog!

As Orinda Group continues to grow and develop, so does our approach to blogging. The official OG Blog will now be hosted here on blogspot/blogger, with an RSS feed on the main OG Blog page on the Orinda Group website. The main purpose for this change is to encourage dialog; with the old OG Blog, there was no real comment function, so the process was a bit more cumbersome. We also intend to start blogging more frequently... For access to old OG Blog posts, you can visit the OG Blog archive, or for even older posts you can visit the original archive.

For those of you who have not visited the OG Blog or the Orinda Group website, Orinda Group is a museum consulting firm and the OG Blog is where we review exhibitions, ponder recent events in museum news and now we will also be looking at some of the events in the greater worlds of philanthropy and technology--especially as they pertain to museums.

Although the posts will all be written by Orinda Group principals, it should be noted that these are largely opinion pieces and therefore are not necessarily the "official" positions taken by the company as a whole.

Welcome, enjoy and we look forward to your participation in future discussions!

-- Allyson

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